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Dominant Product : Beans 、Groundnuts 、Fishing Tackles 、Garments and Textiles... ...

All kinds of beans

          All kinds of beans
  Beans is growing in the actual Chinese Northern Black Grounds, it is real green foods, it is healthy for human. The goods has been exported and used worldwidely even in USA, Canada, European, Asian to Africa, also including you.

All kinds of groundnuts


       All kinds of groundnuts
  Groundnuts (Peanuts), also called "Longevity Nut", it is very helpful for the health, many people like to eat it even every day. China is one of the largest peanut planting country in the world, Shandong peanuts is very famous in the world markets, and Weihai peanuts is further deeply interested in by the Japanese people. In Weihai city,there are many factories designated by Japanese to supply the big peanuts to their market, we are one of the main producer and suppliers in Weihai city.




All kinds of fishing


      All kinds of fishing tackles
  Weihai, a city along the seashore, this gives a favourable surroundings for fishing to everyone who enjoys it. Furthermore, the largest market for fishing tackles is in Weihai city. Weihai city is the main base for producing and supplying all kinds of fishing rods, reels, lures, nets, etc to the world market.



garments and textiles
     All kinds of garments and textiles
  For garments/textiles, we not only do the general trade, also do the processing & assembling business. Our goods has been sold to many large / development market such as America,  Canada, Holland,  England, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Austria,Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia. 


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